Banana Monkeys

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Banana Monkeys Game Online - Play Free Bananas Browser Games

Go bananas over this entertaining action game involving bananas and monkeys. It is a quite simple, but addicting browser game. Your task is to feed bananas to hungry monkeys. Use your mouse to throw bananas at the monkeys. It is not as easy as it sounds, you need to be quick with your hand. Have Fun!

Play Banana Monkeys browser game for free online today

Do you like to eat bananas, and do you also like to play a fun web game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Banana Monkeys game online right now.

How to play Banana Monkeys game online

Move with the Mouse and click to feed the monkeys with bananas.

Exactly what do monkeys eat

According to a high percentage of people will automatically associate monkeys with bananas and although they do love fruit, this is not their entire food source. Monkeys are part of the primate family and exploit extremely diverse food selections. Leaves and insects are eaten by monkeys for them to acquire vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Some monkeys feed on gum and they have very strong teeth that enable them to open up the tree bark in order to get the gum out. Regardless of where the monkeys live, their food palette always consists of fruit, leaves and insects. All monkeys have a general characteristic of eating on the move. They will usually consume their food while they are climbing or hanging and they eat whatever they have obtained in one sitting rather than storing it anywhere for later.

A Few Very Funny Monkeys and Banana Facts

Did you know that the only key you can use to open a banana is a monkey. The reasons why monkeys don't play cards in the jungle is that there are too many cheetahs there. The best way to catch a monkey is to climb a tree and act like a banana. When monkeys are thirsty they go to drink at the monkey bars.

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