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Catch It Banana Game Online - Play Free Bananas Flash Games

Catch bananas and get points for catches. You will lose life/try for dropping banana. Catch maximum banana and earn badges and points. This is a very simple online game, which even the youngest kids will master. Just move a basket with your mouse to catch bananas, that's all there is to it. Also you have 3 lives, and will loose one life for each banana you miss with the basket. Try to rack up as many points as possible. Have Fun!

Play Catch It browser game for free online today

Do you like to eat bananas, and do you also like to play a free flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Catch It game online right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Catch It game online

Use your mouse. Catch bananas with basket. Get score for each banana catch. You will lose one life for dropping one banana. Get maximum score and win maximum badges. You will be promoted a badge after catching bananas. For higher badges, you will have to catch more bananas.

The best way to catch a Banana

Catching a banana and catching a baseball are two entirely different things mostly because of the shape. A banana's shape makes it's move a lot more unpredictable than the movement of a ball. If someone is throwing a banana at you, and you are trying to catch there are few tips that will make it easier for you. First, keep your eyes on the banana at all times. A good way to stay focused is to watch the tip of the banana. As it approaches you will have to exetnd your arms towards it, so your hands meet it at the furthest possible point. You then want to cup your hand so there is a slight space between them, so one cupped hand circles the right side of the banana, whilst the other one encompasses the left. Follow these steps, and you will see it is a lot easier to catch it.

Why bananas turn Brown

Unripened bananas are a light green color that begin to yellow as they ripen. According to bananas left outside will begin to turn brown within a few days. This occurs because bananas contain an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase that reacts with oxygen and coats the banana with a sort of rust that accounts for the dark brown color. This enzyme is also found in apples, potatoes and pears.

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