Monkey Eat Banana

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Monkey Eat Banana Game Online - Play Free Fun Bananas Games

This monkey loves to eat bananas. This is fun platform game for kids. You need to help this little monkey move around to eat all the bananas, and grab the silver banana coins. Get them all to proceed to the next level. You need to watch out for the snakes, if you land on or run into a snake, then you will looes a life. You also have a time limit, so if you are too slow you will not get to the next level. Have Fun!

Play Monkey Eat Banana browser game for free online today

Do you like to eat bananas, and do you also like to play a fun online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free online Monkey Eat Banana game right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Monkey Eat Banana game online

Use your arrow keys and spacebar to play this fun online game.

Why the Monkeys love Bananas

They're yellow. They're tasty. You can pretend they're ray guns or telephones. Monkeys love them. According to it's probably because bananas tend to grow in the hot, tropical areas where monkeys usually live. They're a convenient source of food that happens to taste great and provide a lot of nutrients in a small package. Monkeys peel bananas before eating them since the peel isn't very good. Bananas aren't just yummy, they also have lots of potassium and Vitamin C that are healthy for monkeys and people too. Some other monkey foods include fruits and vegetables, leaves, bugs, nuts, and seeds.

Why bananas are so good for you

The classic banana is a fruit growing on the banana plant, it start at as being green, but turns yellow when it is ripe. Most of the time when people think of super fruits or healing plants, they don't tend to think of bananas. Yet bananas are powerhouses of protective ingredients, and are especially good for mind and mood. Bananas are rich in natural fiber which is essential for proper digestive health, and adds bulk to waste for improved elimination. They are a well known source of potassium, an essential nutrient that helps to maintain proper fluid balance in the body. From a protective standpoint, bananas are high in a variety of compounds, many of which are antioxidants. Bananas also contain high amounts of rutin, a compound that complements the activity of vitamin C, and helps to maintain strong, flexible blood vessels. Rutin also possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. As you can see the benefits of eating bananas are many, and here we only listed a few of them. Yet in addition to their great flavor and ease of use, they also demonstrate very significant health-imbuing properties. Often the first solid food of infants, bananas offer a great way to take in easy to digest nutrition, enhance digestive health, protect the body from a host of ills, and elevate mood. You could easily make the claim that in bananas, we have one of nature's most perfect foods.

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