Ancient Jewels 2

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Ancient Jewels 2 Game Online - Play Free Gems in Persia Browser Games

Ancient Jewels 2 - Mysteries Of Persia is based on a theme that has Persia as its centerpiece. You are taking an adventure into Persia in the search for treasure in the form of jewels. You need to make a match of three or more jewels in order to have them removed from the grid, or board. You can get more than three and these will come with some extra benefits. If you have a set of 6 jewels or more, then you will get a diagonal blaster which will blow away all the jewels in a diagonal shape when it is matched. When you get 5 gems in the form of a letter L, you will get a Bomb, which will remove all the gems of the same color from the grid when it is matched. There is also a clock that will add you 60 seconds in the game when you match 5 or more gems in a straight line. When you remove gems from the board, other gems fall in and if they form another set, then they are removed and you get a combo score; get a 5X combo and you win Dynamite which you can use to remove gems of the same color when it is matched. When you get 5 or more gems in a letter T, you get a lightning strike which will remove all germs of the same color from the board. You have to keep a sharp eye on the timer in the game since it will shut down the game if you do not complete the level before it gets to zero. To complete the level, you have to finish all the slabs that lie beneath the gems in the game; removal of any set of gems will remove the slabs lying below; see how you fare in this game of wits and luck. Have Fun!

How to play Ancient Jewels 2 game online

Use the mouse to play this free browser game.

The Ancient Jewels 2 game bring you the excitement of Persia

Persia is an exciting place to be since it is so exotic. You can just imagine the sights, sounds and smells of the place with its Arabic heritage. It is also said to be a place where lots of treasures still lie hidden. Ancient rulers used to hide their treasures and it is this treasure that has made many people venture into the sandy terrain of the country over the years. It is now your turn to be an adventurer in Persia as you look for hidden treasure. You will not go to the country per se, but you will be able to experience the magic that you would otherwise find there. The desert is punishing, and you will be craving for water most of the time; woe unto you if you cannot handle hot temperature since you will probably go out of your mind in delirium and hallucinations. In the game, you will see a lot of features which will make you think that you are not seeing correctly. The developers have added tools that help you progress faster through the level. You just need to keep your wits around you, and a sharp eye for potential high-scoring matches. This is a free online bejeweled game that will have you seated forward on your computer as you try to beat the obstacles in the game.

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