Ancient Jewels

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Ancient Jewels Game Online - Play Free Bejeweled Gems Browser Games

Free online gems games are very exciting to play and Ancient Jewels lives up to this tradition. In this game, you are supposed to match three or more gems of the same shape and color in order to remove them from the board. When they are removed from the board, other gems fall in to replace them; if they fall into a pattern that forms three or more jewels of the same shape and color, then they will be removed too. This is what is called a combo, and it gives you a higher score; the more combos you get, the higher your final score will be. Apart from the combos, you have to keep an eye on the clock, since it will shut down the game if it gets to zero and you have not completed the level. Completing the level is dependent on your removing the slabs that are behind the jewels; the slabs are removed whenever you create a match, so you have to come up with a strategy that will enable you to complete all the slabs before the timer gets to zero. There are tools that help you in the game; you get a bomb if you match 5 tiles in the form of a letter L. You also get a Clock when you match any 5 gems in a straight line. The clock will add another 60 seconds to your time when you remove it. If you get a 5X combo, then you will get a dynamite stick which will remove all gems in the board forming a cross with it. If you make a match of 5 gems in the form of a letter T, then you get a lightning strike, which will remove 7 gems when it is removed. You have to see how good you are at gems games when you play this challenging free online bejeweled game, so good luck. Have Fun!

How to play Ancient Jewels game online

Use the mouse to play this free browser game.

The Ancient Jewels game is just like an Adventure in the Wild

It is always exciting when you think about having an adventure in the wild. When people see movies where the characters are looking for hidden treasure in dense forests which have ferocious animals, and dangerous booby traps, they get very excited. If you do enjoy watching movies or reading books about such adventures, then you will love playing this free online bejeweled game. The game is set in a situation similar to that which you would find if you went on a treasure hunt in a remote part of the world. You have to overcome certain obstacles in order to move on to the next level. The game is all about getting the right strategy to complete the required tasks. Just like going out for an adventure, you must approach every situation with craftiness, and zeal. You have to make sure that you are mentally equipped to deal with whatever challenges that may come your way. You have to engage all your senses, and in this game, it means engaging your eyes, fingers and also your mind. This is a game where speed of thought and action will get you very far indeed. Show how good you can be as an adventure seeker by getting into this free online gems game and breezing to the last level.

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