Casual Jewels

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Casual Jewels Game Online - Play Free Fun Gems Browser Games

Casual Jewels is not an easy free online jewel game, even though the name might suggest that it is. This is a challenging gems game, in which you match 3 or more gems in order to remove them from the game, and in the process, remove all the metal, wood and cement tiles in the background. When you remove five or more gems you get a special gem of the same kind. The first power-up that you get will give you a rocket. When matched with similar gems, it will remove four extra gems, one on each side. When you create another match of five gems, of the same kind as the one you had created before, you get a bomb. This will remove 12 tiles in the shape of a rhombus when it is matched with others of its kind. If you get another set of 5, then you will get a powerful bomb, which will remove 24 tiles. This will need you to match 6 similar gems. When you match 7 gems, you get a cracker which will remove gems in a 3X3 grid. A lightning gem is given when you have made 6 power-ups, and it will remove all gems of the same kind. You do not have to match it when it is given; you only need to double click it to remove all gems of its kind. With this small legend, you can now play the game and see how well you can perform. You need to be a good strategist if you want to create these power-ups. They need you to have a quick eye and fast finger, and also a very sharp mind. Playing gems games can help you improve your ability to solve problems very fast even in real life, something that will prove useful in the future. Have Fun!

How to play Casual Jewels game online

Use the mouse to play this free browser game.

The shape of the beards makes the Casual Jewels game very challenging

If you think playing this game will be easy, you have to think again. This game requires that you be very observant, have the ability to think on your feet, and move your mouse with the speed of lightning. This is one of the games that teach you about strategy since you will be looking for ways in which to win power-ups. When removing the backgrounds, that of steel will have another below it made of earth. This means that a steel background will need the removal of two gems before it can be deemed as cleared. The shape of the beards makes the game very challenging. There will be cells which will be locked, and opening tem will also require two matches of the same gem. The games also flow around obstructions like water should, which means that it is very hard to predict the position of a particular gem when going round a locked cell. The level will come to an end when all the background obstructions have been removed. If you are a connoisseur of gems games, then you should try Casual Jewels and be amazed at how wonderfully great it is to play it, despite the fact that the name makes it sound mundane.

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