Gems of Egypt

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Gems of Egypt Game Online - Play Free Bejeweled Browser Games

In Gems of Egypt, a game of skill, you can first of all choose from among three different levels of difficulty: easy, medium or hard. Then you start the game Gems of Egypt, which takes you right back to the time of ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra and Prince Seth are fighting for the throne, but only the best in this bejeweled game is going to win it. The game board appears and with it various symbols. Your task is to move the symbols in such a way that at least three of the same kind are next to each other. This can be done in a horizontal or vertical way. These rows then dissolve and thereby make room for new symbols. Through a clever swapping of symbols, you achieve better and better scores and the wicked queen is becoming increasingly weakened. Once you have scored enough points, she will finally give up and you have won the level. But the queen is looking for revenge and on it goes to the next level. You must absolutely make sure that the wicked queen does not win. She must not conquer the throne of Egypt in any way. You have to collect many points in Gems of Egypt so as to prevent this from happening. The graphics as well as the music take you back to this old country, which is full of mysteries. Help to preserve it and help Prince Seth to achieve the throne. After three or four levels, you have finally done it and the evil queen has been defeated. You can share your high score with your friends, and of course also look at the overall score at any time on the home page. Have Fun!

How to play Gems of Egypt game online

Use the mouse to play this free browser game.

The Gems of Egypt game takes you back to ancient times

Egypt is one of the oldest cultures in the world. As early as 3000 years BC, there was an advanced civilization with Pharaohs in Egypt. These created the famous Egyptian pyramids of Giza during their fourth dynasty. The largest pyramid is the Pyramid of Cheops, which is one of the seven world wonders of the ancient world. Until 1922, Egypt belonged to the United Kingdom and has been independent ever since. Cairo, Egypt's capital, is located on the Nile and has about eight million inhabitants.

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