Jewels Hero

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Jewels Hero Gems Game Online - Play Free Bejeweled Browser Games

Here is another free online gems game that has a wonderful story behind it. Jewels hero is the kind of bejeweled game where you are fighting against an opponent and the type of gems that you remove will affect the power that you are able to use. This is a tournament where you choose a hero based on the character and powers that he or she has. The mage is well versed in magic and she uses it to overcome her adversaries. The elf is skilled in fighting techniques and can never be caught easily. It is this speed and technique that makes her powerful. The warrior is perhaps the best hero since he has a wonderful balance of power and magic. You can also decide to become an Orc, who uses power to overcome his opponents. He is known to have a very fierce and fearless temper. Once you have selected the character that you want to play, then the game will begin and you can fight and strive to beat your opponent. The powers include the power to heal and also that of preventing your opponent from healing for one turn. %There are various powers attached to the gems such as orange for attacking, purple for a magic attack, pink for a counter attack, gray for defense, blue for mana, red for rage and green for healing. When you match the gems, you should bear these characteristics in mind so you know which gems you should be looking for depending on the state of your health and that of your opponent. Matching 4 gems will get you an extra turn, and 5 will get you a bomb. 6 gems will give you a rainbow gem that can be used to match any other set irrespective of its color and magical characteristics. Have Fun!

How to play Jewels Hero game online

Use the mouse to play this free browser game.

The Jewels Hero game keep you on your toes

Here is a free online jewels game that will keep you on your toes and also teach you how to come up with strategies in order to win. This is a bejeweled game where you are in combat with the CPU. You need to select a character based on the qualities that he or she bears. When you begin playing, you have to decide which re the most important gems to remove so you can outlive the CPU. The qualities of each of the gems are well explained and you only have to keep them in mind so you do not get killed. You must keep an eye on the mana and life that you have. You can also use the healing gems to increase your life. This is why you must be clever and know when to play certain gems. Getting an extra turn is also a good way of getting one up on your enemy. If the computer beats you, you have the option of posting your score or asking for a rematch. When you play a rematch you can only play as the character that you were before and cannot change into another. See if you can be a good warrior who evaluated his options before making a move against the enemy.

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