Shining Mine

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Shining Mine Jewels Game Online - Play Free Bejeweled Browser Games

Shining Mine is a free online bejeweled game which tells of a story about a mine. The objective of the Shining Mine game is to make sets of similar jewels in numbers of 3 or more so they can be removed from the grid. There are several types of jewels in this game; There are the usual jewels and there are those that explode after they count to zero. A number appears on the bomb and it start vibrating as the number counts to zero, at which point the bomb will explode. When you match 4 gems, you will get an ice gem, which when matched with another set of its color will remove all the jewels in a circle. A fire gem will get 5 gems in a row, a spectrum gem will remove gems from 2 crossed rows and a rainbow gem will remove 3 crossed rows. The grid of the game is made of hexagons and the direction of motion is through the faces of the hexagon. You keep playing the game until the clock comes to zero and then you can post your high score; see how many jewels you will have mined. Free online jewel games are all about getting to form sets of three or more similar gems, and also about getting combos. This can be done in a haphazard manner but that does not make the Shining Mine game interesting. The fun lies in trying to come up with a strategy, on the go, about how to make the most combos. Combos are the best because they magnify the value of the score in a geometric way; the more combos you get, the higher the final score will be. This is something that you should keep in mind whenever you are playing online jewel games; also look for the jewels that explode or remove many jewels at the same time. Have Fun!

How to play Shining Mine game online

Use the mouse to play this free browser game.

Jewels are Glorious Items

Jewels have always fascinated people and this is the reason why people went into deep mines looking for these shiny stones. The mines were dark and gloomy, but when the light hit them, they would glow with the beauty of the jewels. People paid a lot of money so they could be seen wearing these glorious items. It is for this reason that you find them being priceless in modern day. However, that does not mean that you cannot also mine for your own jewels; you can do so when you play free online bejeweled games, where you get to break them and watch other fall into their place. The story here is about a mine where you get points for breaking jewels, which you can read as mining jewels, and you must do so within a certain time; the time that it takes for the bomb to explode and the time that you have been given to finish a level. This is a very challenging game, and it will make you know how to deal with challenges. It also involves making certain strategies so it sharpens your mind when it comes to knowing what to do when faced with a certain problem.

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