Sweet Hearts

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Sweet Hearts Game Online - Play Free Sweetheart Gems Browser Games

Sweet Hearts is a great free online gems game that has every aspect that is depicted in the name. The game is set on a background that shouts for female attention. The gems are shaped like love hearts and many others. You are required to create sets of 3 or more matching tiles so they can be removed. When you look at the grid, you will see that some of the cells have a white slab behind the gem; you need to remove these gems so the tiles are broken. Once you have finished all the tiles, then you can move on to the next level. There is a timer in the game, and it can be seen on the left of the screen; make sure that it does not get to the bottom or else the game will shut down. You will also get a bigger bonus award if you finish the tiles within a short time. When it comes to scoring, the game is very generous and will give you a lot of combos to begin with, but it becomes harder as you go up the levels; the more combos you can make, the better the chances of removing a lot of the tiles in one go. The free browser game has 3 levels and that is why it can be considered a learning game for those who have never played free online jewel games. Sweet Hearts is a browser game that will please any little girl and also –lease an adult. It is wonderfully crafted, with the lovely gems looking so sweet and innocent. How fast do you believe you can finish the 3 levels? This is your chance to find out; get the stop clock and time yourself to see and brag about it. Have Fun!

How to play Sweet Hearts game online

Use your mouse to play this free browser game.

Did you know there is a place called Sweetheart?

When you speak of sweetheart, the first thing that comes to your mind is a romantic interest or a immediate family member. You would be surprised to know that there is a place in Scotland that is called sweetheart. It is actually the name of a monastery that was built after a very tragic event. There was a princess, who wanted to marry a prince, but he died before her and she had his heart embalmed and put in a silver casket, upon het death, she and the heart were buried next to each other at the monastery. That is when the monks at turned the name to sweetheart in memory of her. This is actually a true event, so when you think of your sweetheart think about whether you would make such a commitment; to be together even after the end. Anyhow, you can now play a different game of sweetheart when you play this free online gems game, where all you are doing is breaking gems that look like love hearts and other small trinkets. Sweet Hearts is a game that is great for relaxing when you do not have much to do in the house or in the office.

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