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Play farm games online at We have picked some of the best, free of charge farm games currently available on the web for you and published them online here on this amazing website. All our farming games are completely free of charge, free of any obligation as well as a lot of fun for you to play. You will find a variety of cool, free online farm games here. Playing free farmer browser games at is a lot of fun. We wish you good luck with our farm management games. Virual farming is trending all over the world, and people just love these kinds of fun browser games.

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Here are some information about the online farming games on our website. Most of them are all about the operation of a farm, which includes planting crops, taking care of animals, building various buildings, and also making money from selling your products. At the beginning, you often start out with just an empty field on which you can grow different crops. As these online farm games progresses, however, you can also sometimes erect buildings for keeping animals (e.g. pigs, chickens, geese) and for further processing of products. At the focus of each farm business simulation game is the trade with rural products between the various players on a marketplace or directly via a closed contract as in real life practice. We would like you to have fun with our online farm games, although they are not as complex as the online game "My Free Farm", they also are a lot of fun, however!

Fun Facts about Farming for Kids

According to there are many fun facts about farming for kids. A farm is a piece of land used to grow plants and/or raise animals for food. People who grow these plants or raise these animals are called farmers. This type of work is called farming. Farming is an important occupation, because everyone needs food and clothing to survive. Farms produce all kinds of plants, animals, wool and cotton that people eat and utilize throughout the world. Farmers work long, hard hours. Today's farme is not just and expert in agriculture and livestock, but they also need to be successful businessmen or women.