Farm Business

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Farm Business Game Online - Play Free Fun Farm Browser Games

Unlike many other farm browser games, you have a clear goal in mind in Farm Business: Within two years, you have to turn a small orange farm into a flourishing business and rake in a million in gold. Only then do you win. The Farm Business game is thus particularly suited for players who want to compete in a challenge. To achieve your goal, you must first take good care of your orange trees. They will need regular watering, fertilizer as well as help in the fight against pests. If water or insecticides are required, you will see the corresponding icon on the respective tree. Then you should to click on the water trough or insect spray on the bottom as soon as possible, in order to then take care of the tree in need with a click on it. You will have to pay attention to the basic health yourself. For this, move your mouse over your trees every now and again. You will see a green bar that decreases from time to time. If it falls too low, you have to fertilize. This works exactly like the fighting of any pests, only that this time you choose the fertilizer, of course. If you have taken good care of your trees, they will soon bear fruit. If you see oranges on them, it is time for the harvest. For this, you should choose the harvest workers according to the known method from the bottom menu. The harvesting process takes a little time, but if you do not want to wait that long, you can speed up the game on the bottom left. If your harvest workers are done, you can store your fruits with a click on the oranges in the trees first and a subsequent click on the barn. Now it is time to get more money through the sale of your fruit. Select your barn and then the truck on the upper left. Once you have thus loaded it up, click on the green arrow and it drives off. Once it comes back, you can tell from looking at the green dollar sign that you can pick up your money with another click on it. In the store next to the harvest workers, you can also buy production facilities as well as a bigger truck in addition to trees, so as to get one step closer to your one million. Have Fun!

How to play Farm Business game online

Use your mouse to play this fun browser game.

Play Farm Business browser game for free online today

Do you think it would be fun live on a farm, maybe plow a field or feed the cows, and do you also enjoy to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Farm Business game online right now. Am I correct? ;)

Farming is a Tough Business

A farm of today has not much to do with the idealized romance of bygone days but has become a tough business. The modern farmer needs to run his farm as a business enterprise in order to be successful. Many operations are controlled by computers. The income of the farmers depends on the prices on the world market. Especially due to the growing demand for food in the world and particularly in China, the prices have once again risen in recent years.

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