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Coffee Shop Game Online - Play Free Fun Food Browser Games

This graphically absolutely outstanding browser game with the simple name Coffee Shop follows the currently prevailing coffee hype completely. If you have always wanted to know what skill and how much flavor a coffee vendor needs during the day, then Coffee Shop is definitely the right place for you. The game begins charmingly and leaves you to name your future street cafe. At the beginning, you will be advised that you only have 14 days time in order to set a financial record in Coffee Shop. With an initial 30 dollars in cash, a ragged coffee stand and a little business sense, you use only the cursor to move across the user interface of this humorous browser game. First you need to take care of your inventory, which consists of the existing positions of coffee, coffee cups, sugar and milk. From the very first minute, you have to know how to wisely spend your money. The play is made more difficult by the arbitrary mixing ratio. This is of the utmost importance when making a sale to the extremely choosy clients. If the coffee is too bitter, it tastes bad! If there is too little or too much milk in the coffee, it does not taste good either! You are starting to loose your reputation and your guests will no longer show up either. A nice feature in this fun browser game is the importance of the weather: On cold days, the coffee may cost a little more because of the increased demand for warm drinks. On warm days, it is necessary to offer your coffee to the customer at a low price. Yet, there is no perfect solution in this food game. However, if you show a little finesse with your mouse and use your financial resources wisely, you will soon reap the rewards and be such a success that you can achieve new records during the coming 14 days of gaming. Have Fun!

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Do you like to drink coffee, and also enjoy to play a free online food game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Coffee Shop game online using your favorite web browser right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Coffee Shop game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Some Fun Facts about hte Origin of Coffee

If the journal entry from 1671 by Anthony Faust Naironus is to be believed, the origin of coffee was in the Kingdom of Kaffa near Ethiopia. According to a legend, the goats are said to have eaten the flowers of the plant, which meant that the animals were active well into the night and were not able to find any rest. The shepherds of the flock of goats complained about this situation to the local monks. They then studied the strange plant, with its intense cherry-like fruit. In subsequent months, the monks made full use of the effects of the plant and prayed until late into the night.

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