Beautiful Fruit Plates

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Your parents will invite some friends to lunch at home backyard. You need to place some fruits into the plate for the guests. Choose the plate and fruits you like and enjoy fun. The pet is watching you! Now action!

Play Beautiful Fruit Plates online for free today

Do you like to eat healthy, and also enjoy to play a free online flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online Beautiful Fruit Plates browser game right now. Am I right? ;)

How to play Beautiful Fruit Plates online

Use your mouse to play this fun browser game.

What is a Fruit Plate

Any large plate in your kitchen. Then cut up neatly some fruit, like peaches, mandarins, strawberries, grapes(don't have to cut them), arrange neatly on the plate, cover with saran wrap and there you are. Don't do it too far in advance of the party or the fruit will start to dry up and/or discolour(apples are bad for this).

How to make the most Beautiful Fruit Plate in 3 simple steps

The easiest home made tray for parties is the fruit tray! There are special touches you can use to dress up this fruit tray. Make it more interesting and your guests will love you for it! 1. First of all get a very large tray to make your fruit tray on. This is going to help your display of fruit to be scattered out further, and you will have room for a couple of visual tricks. Now, put a medium size clear bowl in the middle of the tray. Put whole fruit in it, then insert halves of fruit around the whole fruit. Make it visually appealing. 2. Next, Use small berry fruit, grapes, cantaloupe, kiwi, and more. Have a good variety of different fruits. Now lay out beautiful lettuce leaves for the base of the fruit tray. Put bite size slices of fruit on the lettuce leaves, all around the bowl, and separated in types of fruit. Use bite size pieces of milk chocolate and put them all in between the strawberries! 3. Now, when you have the bite size fruit all in place and you think you're done, you're not! Next, put pansies on the fruit, just a few, laying in and around the fruit. Get edible pansy flowers, and also get edible baby roses and lay them in the fruit! Put 2-3 roses in the bowl around the whole and halved fruit with 3-4 pansies, also!!! You have a fruit tray that is edible and beautiful! This will make your fruit plate a sure winner.

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