Mini Pets

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Mini Pets Browser Game - Play Animals Shelter Games Online

This new girls game by Miniclip lets you shelter the cutest animals on earth. Give them the best accommodations around, watch them fall in love and welcome their babies. Join in on the fun, share and build the best animal shelter ever. You can house animals by building them a shelter from the Shelter Shop. Shelters take different amounts of time and manpower to build. They also bring donations in different amounts, so choose wisely. You level up by gathering experience points (XP). You get these by completing quests, collecting donations or upgrading shelters. The higher the level the more animals will be available for your shelter. Have Fun!

Play Mini Pets online for free today

Do you like to fly in an girls, and also to play an online flash browser game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online Mini Pets browser game right now. Am I right? ;)

How to play Mini Pets game online

Use your mouse to play this fun strategy game.

What you need to know about Shelters in Mini Pets

You can upgrade a shelter up to 3 stars. Tap a shelter to see the slide-up menu and then press upgrade. Upgrading takes time and manpower. An upgraded shleter house more animals although you only see one. When the shelter is at maximum capacity (3 stars) two animals might fall in love. As rule of thumb, an upgrade shelter will bring more revenue. Once a shelter is upgraded to 3 stars two of the sheltered animals will fall in love. Go to the Nursery to build them a cradle and welcome their offspring. Once the cradle is built the baby will appear. Place them on the shelter by tapping it in the Nursery. Shelters with a baby gather more donations. To edit your shelter tap the "Edit Shelter" button on the manage menu. While in edit mode you can move, sell, and flip your shelter's belongings.

Making Money in the Mini Pets game by Miniclip

The main way you make money in this animals browser game is by collecting the donations generated by each shelter. Do this by tapping the big coin icon above the animals. You can also get money by completing quests or purchasing it in the shop. The more donations you get the more money you will generate. So, your ultimate goal is to get as many donations as possible.

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