Heli Racer

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Heli Racer Browser Game - Play Helicopter Racer Games Online

The objective of the browser game is to be the first and quickest helicopter to finish the laps. Try not to crash too many times or you will end up destroying the helicopter. The mouse pointer will determine the speed of your chopper. Let go of the left mouse button to descend. Have Fun!

Play Heli Racer online for free today

Do you like to fly in a helicopter, and also to play a free online flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online Heli Racer browser game right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Heli Racer online

Use your mouse to navigate your helicopter when you play this browser game.

A Corvette is the Ultimate Heli Racer

The hit television show Top Gear is known for its dramatic antics in pitting man against machine, but usually the crashes and smashes are controlled, or at least predicted according to NY Daily News. The challenge was a drag race between a Corvette ZR1 and a AH-1 Cobra helicopter, being filmed for an episode of the fourth season of Top Gear Korea. It was a routine race, akin to the show’s often exaggerated antics, that nearly ended in tragedy when the Cobra helicopter smashed into the Arizona desert just beyond the finish line. Filming for a stunt for "Top Gear Korea" nearly ended in traged as helicopter used in a race against a Corvetted all of a sudden crashes. In the footage, the Corvette beats the ex-military AH-1 Cobra across the finish line. Everything seems to be going just fine until the helicopter banks hard to the right before spiraling into the ground. Amazing as it might sound, the pilot apparently escaped unscathed. The copter, though, reportedly worth more than $11 million, crumbles into the dirt.

The World's fastest helicopter

According to Palm Beach Post Sikorsky's X2 demonstrator helicopter once was showing off its speed against a Bell 407 in a friendly race in Palm Beach. The Sikorsky's X2 is the world's fastest helicopter. Sikorsky is betting that the military and the civil aviation markets will welcome a high-tech aircraft able to combine the maneuverability of a chopper with the elegant speed of a jet. Because the helicopter is powered by both its twin rotors and its pusher propeller, it has enough force to fly at 10,000 feet. In a test flight last month, the X-2 hit 250 knots, or 287 miles per hour, unofficially beating the world helicopter speed record, nearly twice the speed of conventional helicopters, like the Bell 407 it was racing on Wednesday morning. In its flight test, the X2 moved with the agility of a dragonfly on jet fuel. Even with a long head start, Bell pilot Bill Fell played tortoise to Sikorsky's X2 caffeinated hare. At about half-power, sounding like a cross between an angry bee and a freight train, it easily hit 210 knots, or 241 miles per hour, just 7 knots behind the all-time speed record for a helicopter. If you like fast helicopters, then we recommend that you play the Heli Racer browser game online here at our website.

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