Parashoot Retro

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Parashoot Retro Browser Game - Play Fun Parachute Retro Games Online

The aim of the game is to help the scientist to land safely for their helicopter is not been able to land properly due to a freak accident. They're only hope of survival is to jump from the helicopter and land in a trailer full of pillows below. But be careful in rescuing the scientist for some of the militants may try to interfere. Have Fun!

Play Parashoot Retro online for free today

Do you like to fly in an helicopter, and also to play a fun online flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online Parashoot Retro browser game right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Parashoot Retro online

Use Left or Right Arrow Keys to move helicopter. Drop Scientist by clicking the spacebar.

Parachute Records

According to WikiPedia there are many incredible records when it comes to parachutes. On August 16, 1960, Joseph Kittinger, in the Excelsior III test jump, set the previous world record for the highest parachute jump. He jumped from a balloon at an altitude of 102,800 feet (31,333 m) (which was also a manned balloon altitude record at the time). A small stabilizer chute deployed successfully, and Kittinger fell for 4 minutes and 36 seconds, also setting a still-standing world record for the longest parachute free-fall, if falling with a stabilizer chute is counted as free-fall. Felix Baumgartner broke Joseph Kittinger's record on October 14, 2012, with a jump from an altitude of 127,852 feet (38,969.3 m) and reaching speeds up to 833.9 mph (1,342.0 km/h or 372.8 m/s). Kittinger was an advisor for Baumgartner's jump.

Fun Parachute Facts for Kids

According to there are many fun and exciting facts about parachutes. Parachutes work on the gravity principle. By beign light and branching out a parachute creates resistance to the air, causing it to take longer for you to reach the ground. Any time a force pulls on another object, the object moves. When you jump out of a plane, the force of gravity immediately begins to pull you, speeding up your fall, which is known as acceleration. Without a parachute, you'd fall at about 125 mph. A parachute slows your fall to about 12 mph which enough for a much safer landing. NASA used a parachute to safely land and stop the Space Shuttle.

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