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Everyday Hero Hospital Game - Play Fun Ambulance Games Online

Serving as a paramedic, your goal in the fun online game is to deliver the patients in need to the hospital in the swiftest manner. The fun hospital game starts with an emergency call stating the patient's location. Then click the OK button on the screen or press spacebar on your keyboard to start the mission. Use the four arrow keys on your keyboard to control the ambulance and get to the destination as quickly as you can. Follw the directions indicated by the compass on the left, travel to the designated locations marked by green circles to pick up the patients and then send them to the hospital. The ETA at the top left corner shows the estimated time of arrival, and you should aim to complete a mission within the ETA so as to receive more experience points and to be promoted. Note that even though you are rushing, you need to be careful on the road as the ambulance may hit and crash if you do not play by the rules. The level of destruction is indicated by the green clamp at the bottom right corner. Whenever the ambulance is crashed, a part of the green color will turn to red. The clamp will completely turn red when the ambularnce is totally damaged, and you will lose the fun ambulance game. If you do not crash the ambulance, you may continue to play until the progress bar at the top is filled. Try to save as many lives as possible until your shift ends. Have Fun!

Play Everyday Hero game for free online today

Are you dreaming of becoming a nurse or a doctor, and do you also like to play fun online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Everyday Hero game online right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Everyday Hero ambulance game online

Control the ambulance using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Complete mission by driving to incident location and back to hospital to transfer patients.

Paramedics are Everyday Heroes

According to EMS Saftey Services a paramedic is an everyday hero. An Everyday Hero is someone who is well-trained and confident enough to use their life-saving skills when called upon in the community setting. They are lay providers with basic training and off-duty professionals who come to the aid of a stranger or loved one. Unfortunately, an increasing numbers of paramedics are leaving the ambulance services all across the country. These days paramedic crews are under greater pressure than ever before to meet demand. So, next time you see a paramedic, thank him or her for their service, because they deserve it, they are everyday heroes rescuing lives on a daily basis.

You can be the Difference

According to the Everyday Hero Organization you can be the difference. It is often said that angels are all around us, but for many they are not there when you need them. A lot of kids are struggling today, going through difficult times, and cannot find the love and support they need. Theses children need a hero everyday in their lives, and Everyday Heroes is here for them. They are an organization that is trying to make a difference in our society. In today's society it is imporant to enrich and enhance the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services and education.

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