Hamburger Hotdog

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Hamburger Hotdog Game Online - Play Fun Hot Dog Browser Games

Your snack shop is finally open. The Burgers and hotdogs have piled up and now its your chance to feed the customers as fast as you can. Manage your snack shop as good as you can to get as far as possible in this browser game. Have Fun!

Play Hamburger Hotdog browser game for free online today

Do you enjoy to eat a good hot dog or a hamburger, and do you also like to play fun online browser games? Well, if you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online Hamburger Hotdog game online right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Hamburger Hotdog game online

Play this fun browser game using only the mouse. Slide burgers or dogs to your two customers as they order them. Be careful because they change their minds! The goal is 55 successful foods fed to the customers! Score by winning items achieved through fast order filling!

Why Hotdog is better than Hamburger

According to Bistro MD a war has been raging between two classic summer staples: hamburgers and hot dogs for years. Any person on this planet will tell you that an all beef hot dog is much better for you in calories than a hamburger. A hot dog can have many variations, some bad, some good. By choosing the correct hot dog for you, it is possible to cut almost half of the calories from your standard burger dinner. Hot dogs and hot dog buns are typically smaller than burgers and their diminutive size gives them a calorie advantage. In some circumstances it is a lot quicker to just grab a hot dog from a street vendor rather than waiting for a hamburger to be prepared. Also hamburgers tend to be more messier than hotdogs.

Why Hamburger is better than Hotdog

According to the hamburger is better than the hotdog.Hot dogs are made with a lot of sodium and preservatives. Hamburgers have more of a choice of items that you can put on them. Hamburgers are much easier to preform at home. Hamburgers are more natural and you actually know what's in a burger, where as the ingredients of a hot dog is up for grabs. On the grill, hamburgers release a lot of fat that drips into the fire, making them leaner.

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