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Caravaneer is a free online management game that has a very dire story to tell. In less than 5 years, the glaciers melted and the sea level rose so high that many people were rendered homeless after their homes were covered by the rising waters. The drastic climate change brought about many natural disasters because of the instability of the environment. Diseases spread like wild fire and became resistant to the medicine that was available. People soon began to form informal settlements and trade was reduced to a minimum. The caravaneer has to survive and this means looking for gods where they are abundant and cheap and selling them to areas where they are rare and expensive hence making a lot of money. You need to create a strategy on how you will overcome the odds as you travel in your trade caravan so you do not get robbed, or other calamity befall you. The game has tow modes; the story and desert modes. The story mode has a section where you actually interact with other characters in the game, asking for directions, etc. Start the journey by speaking to the Sherriff and get all the information that you need in order to leave. The development of the story will depend on the decision that you will make, since you will meet others and form an alliance. In the desert mode, you will have to act like in the real world when you are seeing who is coming after you; turn around and scan the area. This is an exciting game and has a story so you are not just playing by default. Caravaneer is a game that you will become engrossed in and take part like you were actually there. This is a free online management game that has some adventure in it, making it educative and exciting. Have Fun!

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Many films have been developed to depict what would happen if the glaciers melted. Scientists say that cities near the ocean would simply sink under the rising sea. This will lead to many people loosing their lives in a world filled with anarchy. In an effort to survive people will turn against each other. In this difficult time only the strongest will survive. However, even among the string there would be a struggle for the scarce resources available, and there would be gangs and the good people. There are those who would acquire resources legally and those who would seek to rob them. This game is a free online management game that simulates such a situation and tests the decisions that you would make. It allows you to see how you would survive if such a situation was ever to befall humanity. The game is all about the management of survival; a way to look at every aspect of going out on a caravan and making sure that you make decisions that will keep you out of trouble, including forming alliances with other traders heading in the same direction. See how you would survive these harsh times by playing this free online simulation game.

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