Cargo Shipment 2

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Cargo Shipment 2 – Chicago is a fun online management game where you get to set up warehouses in the city of Chicago and build a cargo delivery company of note. The Cargo Shipment 2 game is quite easy to play but it also requires that you observe some strategies. You will start off with one warehouse and the delivery trucks will pass by, picking up loads and also passing on money from earlier deliveries. Once the vehicle approaches the warehouse, a worker will leave and go load the vehicle, while at the same time picking up the money and taking it into the warehouse. Only after you have collected enough revenue will you be able to bank it by clicking on the dollar sign that appears above the warehouse. When the money in the bank reaches a point where you can add another warehouse, it will be highlighted and you can pick it and place it on any of the boxes that appear on the scene. The placing of the warehouses should be done with care since if you place them too close together, you will be duplicating work. It is best to place them within certain spacing so that you earn more points from every vehicle that passes by. This management game requires that you do have some sort of strategy and not just place warehouses at random. Do not forget to upgrade the buildings so you can get more money from every vehicle that comes by. Your fleet will also grow as you add more warehouses to the game; this is in keeping with what happens in real life, when the vehicle fleet and size of vehicles grows because there is more cargo to ferry. If you feel like you have what it takes to hack it in this industry, then this is your chance to find out by playing this lovely online management game. Have Fun!

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When you are in the business of shipping cargo, you must be very organized and you must have several pick up or drop off points allover the city. In today’s competitive environment you cannot let competing services get closer to your target customers and you are left out. This is the reason why you have to play Cargo Shipment – Chicago, and see how good you can be at keeping your customers happy. Ideally, you should have one warehouse covering a certain area, but if you can have more, it will make service delivery very easy for you. Once cargo is delivered to the central warehouse, it is then takes to the respective warehouses in the respective jurisdictions. From there, delivery men can take them to the addresses they are intended for. This is what makes it very interesting to play this free online management game. You only need to grow your infrastructure in order to make as much money as you can. Cargo Shipment 2 is a web game that will improve your management skills even if you are not in the cargo delivery industry; as long as your business has several outlets, this fun web game will prove to be beneficial to you, so you should try it and have loads of fun too.

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