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Cargo Shipment – New York is a free online management game that challenges your ability to set up a logistics pattern for a fleet of vehicles to deliver loads. The vehicles start off a point A and exit at point B; it is at point B that you get the money from your trip. The point here is that your vehicle will have to be filled up in order for the order to be valid. If the vehicle is not fully loaded it will be taken as a miss and you earn nothing from it. Now you have to place the warehouses strategically across the city, so that when every vehicle passes it collects some load. When you are buying warehouses, you will see some highlighted boxes on the scene which show you where you can place the warehouse. As you bring the warehouse over one of the boxes, you will see the service jurisdiction that it covers. This means that it will only be loaded in that area. In this fun online management game you have to ensure that your warehouses cover every inch of the roads and regions so that the vehicles can exit the scene when they are fully loaded at all times. Take note that there are different types of vehicles, with some of them being larger than others; this means that they will need a lot more cargo in order to get filled. At one point in the Cargo Shipment 3 game, you will come across buildings in which road construction crews are working on; you should place these near some of your warehouses since the vehicles slow down near these, and can be loaded twice, thereby making them fill up faster. See how good you are at logistics by playing this free management browser game and trying to get the most money as you go along. Have Fun!

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Logistics is very crucial when it comes to the business of delivering cargo. You have to know which areas are covered by certain warehouses, and where you find there is inefficiency due to distance, then you can add another warehouse. If you were to serve the whole of New York from one central warehouse, then many customers would get delayed deliveries. However, when you have several warehouses spread all over the city, cargo goes from the port directly to its respective warehouse, and delivery can be done soon thereafter. This is how to make this service better. The more the warehouses the more efficient a company becomes. Cargo Shipment 3 is a free online management game that lets you see how this business model should work. You should have a warehouse to serve certain routes, and if you do not have it, then your resources are underutilized. This leads to a lot of wastage and therefore loss of revenue. If you want to make a good profit, you have to come up with a great strategy which will maximize your resource use and therefore rake in a good amount of money. When you play Cargo Shipment 3 you get to see how good a strategist you are when it comes to the cargo, or courier, industry.

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