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Cargo Shipment – San Francisco is a free online management game where you manage a fleet of delivery vehicles. You take the vehicle to the warehouse, where the workers will come and help load the vehicle. There is an indicator on top of the vehicle that will show the load that it is carrying. After that, the driver will make the deliveries and also collect the payments from the clients. When you go back to the warehouse, you will see which other goods must be delivered and the car will be loaded once again. The warehouse worker will also take the money that you collected into the warehouse for recording and banking. In the Cargo Shipment game the operation of the vehicles is somewhat automated and all you have to do is click on the big dollar sign in order to collect the money made for the day. You are supposed to add buildings and warehouses to the city so that you make a lot more money. Once you are through with level one, you will move to level 2 where you will be able to choose which area you would like to deliver to. You can continue with your current jurisdiction, or move to another one. Cargo Shipment – San Francisco is a great browser game where you get to add assets that will grow your cargo delivery business. The more warehouses you have, the more money you will make. The vehicles also become much larger when you have more warehouses allowing them to carry bigger loads in a single trip, thereby increasing your earning; larger vehicles refers to the fact that the small vans are joined by larger ones, and then finally the trucks come trundling along. If you would like to work in a management position within the cargo delivery services of San Francisco, then this fun online game will give you a taste of what is required. Have Fun!

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Shipping Cargo is a job that requires a lot of organization from the management. The manager must set the routes and the zones so each driver knows the layout of his or her jurisdiction. The logistics of the business can be very sensitive and this is the reason why the company has to have warehouses all over the city. You cannot come from one end of the city to make a delivery at the other. It is best that when the cargo comes in, it is sent to the warehouse which serves the region shown in the address. It is a business that requires a lot of organization in its operation and this is why the manager must think about infrastructure and the organization around the city. When you play this fun management game, all you have to do is worry about the placement of the warehouses and also how you can upgrade them so they can stock more goods. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of your delivery service. Take note of how much money you are making so you know when you have enough to buy another warehouse. When you buy a new one, know where to place it so you can make the most money from the whole chain. Enjoy this fun online management game.

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