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Club Control is a free online management game in which you manage a club where patrons come to relax and have fun. To start with, the club has a single bar, a pool table, and a dining table. The goal of the Club Control game is to finish the first level, with enough money to upgrade to buy other facilities which will allow you to serve more customers and earn a lot more money. The main challenge is getting past the first level. Each customer comes up and lines up outside the club, like they do in real life, and then you click on the customer and take him or her to the station that she wants. Unfortunately each station can only take two customers at a time, so you really have to do a lot of juggling in order to get the customers to leave when they are happy. Each customer has a happiness meter at the top of their heads, and when it gets to zero, the customer will leave without having to pay his or her bill. After the patron has finished with the club, he or she will show that she wants to pay the bill, and therefore you should click on the balloon and send the patron to the cashier. When money is paid, it rotates just near the cashier and you have to click on it so it can go to the bank. The secret to playing Club Control is to be fast; you should not let the line outside the club become too long since it will put unnecessary pressure on the facilities in the club. If you are quick, then you will manage to go through the free browser game without losing any customer. At the end of the level, you will be able to see how many customers you served and how many you lost, plus the amount of money that you made. Have Fun!

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The clubbing culture has been around for many decades. People go to clubs where they get to dance to music for the whole night. It is a way of letting off some steam after having a hard week's work, and also having a great time with your friends. Many do not know how hard it is to run a club; the manager is usually under a lot of pressure to make sure that all the patrons are happy. Sometimes it means having to give the customer a complimentary just so that he can leave as a happy person, and come back with more friends. The club scene is extremely exciting and working in one, whether as a waiter, bartender or other staff member is very challenging. At times a bar will need three or four waiters in order to serve all the customers who are asking for drinks. In this free online management game, you are supposed to manage the club, and make sure that it grows into a great club. Add more facilities for the customers, and you will make more money, as well as reduce the pressure of the demand for services from the patrons. See how well you can perform as the manager of a busy club when you play this online management game.

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