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When playing Diner City, a free online restaurant management game you have the choice of running a Chinese restaurant or a burger joint. This means that you have the choice of playing two hotel management games in one online management game. If you choose the Chinese option, you will have the choice to play for 8 days, meaning 8 levels; the first is a tutorial level where you learn the ropes of running a Chinese restaurant. When you play Diner City you will learn how to run the days for limited days, and how to meet the target for the day before you can move on. You have to keep an eye on the seat capacity of the restaurant to make sure that you make the best per table. You need to get employees so the business can run better, and you have to upgrade the restaurants so you can make goods money. You also have to get measures that will keep customers getting into the restaurants, and these include ice cream stands, benches and newsstands. To be hygienic, you must keep the restaurant clean so there are times when you have to pay attention to cleaning services. Diner City is a very educational game; you get to play against a competing restaurant, played by the computer. You are supposed to make daily decision which will keep you ahead of the competitor. You will need to make decisions about the assets and amenities that you can buy to keep ahead of the competitor. Diner City is a browser game that is a must for those who have businesses competing with theirs nearby, since it makes you see how you can make certain decision that will place you ahead. You will see your final score after day 8 and then you can move to the other levels; do not forget to also try the burger house and see if you will perform the same. Have Fun!

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