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Factory Kingdom is a great little browser game where you get to build you own factory and come up with products that you can sell to the general population. It is a fun online management game where you get to create jobs and also employ workers in a production line that will lead to the finished product. You start of by getting a working table on the floor of the factory. You simply click on the desk, move it to the floor, and then click on the button marked, Done. After that, you should get a basic worker who will work at this desk. There are 4 types of workers; the basic, research, mechanic, and janitorial workers. Similarly, there are only four positions that can be filled as such. The next step is to get a research worker who will begin to research on the products to be produced by the factory. Click on the research tab and see the progress of the research. You can decide which one should be done first by stopping the other. The strategy is to get as many desks as possible since when the workers are working they make money every two seconds or so, and you can continue using this money to get more opportunities and employees. This is a management browser game that will test how fast you can think, especially if you were put in charge of a production line for several products. The research will show you which products are the best at every level. Similarly, do not forget to look after the worker by building them some cloak rooms and several other amenities in the factory. After all, you want them to be at their best so you have to give them the best. Go ahead and build you factory and then see how your products look like. Have Fun!

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It is hard to imagine what a factory manager has to go through. He has to be all over the floor every time, so as to ensure that all is running well. There are times when a manager has to get his or her hands dirty in showing an employee how to do some tasks effectively. Their role is crucial since they bring the whole team together. They know all the employees by name and they know what their specific roles are. This is what it takes to be a factory manager, and this free online management game will give you some insight on how this is so. You have to create the production line in a manner that will enhance productivity. Once product does not have to go very far away to be polished; this affects the efficiency of the factory as a whole. You must also know which workers to hire first so they can make some money before you need to expand and use a lot of capital. Factory Kingdom is a fun browser game that will test how prudent you are when it comes to making business management decisions. It also shows just how effective you can be at setting up a productive factory.

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