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Happy Tower is a free online management game in which you get to build a set of apartments in which you guests will be lodging. When the Happy Tower game begins, you create a profile and then begin building your rooms. The rooms are to be services by certain staff members but to begin with you can only hire the room boy and the janitor. Get the rooms from the menu on the left and drag them onto the spaces provided. You will also be expected to build a room for the staff members, so ensure that you do so. The guests will then begin arriving, and you can move them to their rooms by pressing on the double arrow key that is at the bottom of the browser game. You really need to get familiar with the Happy Tower game so you do not get confused by the many icons that are present. As the guests continue to enjoy themselves, you will get more money. One point that you should note is the happiness meter of each guest. It is in the form of a circle and it slowly moves in an anticlockwise direction. When you play you need to ensure that the guests are always happy, otherwise they will get upset and the game will come to an end. As you move up the levels, you will get more space above in order to build more rooms. This means that as you go up the levels, you will end up owning a real apartment tower. Happy Tower is a great free online management game that will see if you have the ability to manage and grow an apartment building even as guests keep coming and going. This is one of the best ways for people to invest in real estate if they do not have too much money for the initial layout of the full tower. Have Fun!

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Owning a tower of apartments is a very fulfilling ambition. This is an investment that will continue giving returns for many years as long as it is properly maintained. Sometimes you will find owners of towers just letting them go, and they become rundown. However, a prudent owner will always ensure that maintenance is done on time and tenants are made responsible so they do not create damages. Serviced condos tend to thrive due to this concept. This is a free online management game that seeks to show you what goes into the management and development of such a structure. It will make you appreciate the effort of the owners, managers and staff members of such apartments. When you walk into a furnished and staffed apartment building, you are walking into what prudent and high quality management has created; no wonder you usually stand in the middle of the room and say a big wow. The browser game lets you see how much you have left in your investment so you should try and make sure that you give the guests the best that you can manage. Happy Tower is a browser game that is good for people who manage such apartments and also their staff members.

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