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One may think that Indie Music refers to music of Asian origin, but this term really means independent music, a term given to those musicians who have shunned the main stream recording labels. Indie concerts are very popular in the United States since even small groups are allowed to play their music. As long your music reaches a certain standard, you can play at such a concert. It has served as a launching platform for many musicians who would never have been recognized had they tried to go with the main stream companies. You are managing a group of players and you have to convince each one to join the group. Each player will come at a certain cost and you have to decide where you want to begin; which players will you want first. You can start with a guitarist, drummer and lead singer and then get more, as you get more fans coming to your concerts. You can see the players and how much they will cost on the side of the game. Start off with the ones that you want first, and as you play, fans will begin streaming in. As the fans stream in, you should use the gate collection to buy more players so the group can become more robust. You have a certain target to meet in every level, so you have to act fast. Do not fail your group by becoming the first group manager to let the group go bust while they are performing on stage. The music industry is very challenging and it is not for the simple-hearted. It is for those visionaries who can see well into the future; if you have the talent to be an indie music manager, then this is the online game that you should play. Have Fun!

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Indie Music is another term that is used to describe independent recording labels, or artists. They are termed as being independent since they produce their music away from the mains stream recoding labels. The music does not encompass a single genre only and there is indie pop, indie metal, etc. These labels were formed when main stream records started ignoring music artistes who has not attained a certain level of playing. Main stream records only wanted musicians who were already popular. This is the reason why indie music began. Some of the labels only have one or two groups and they organize their own recording and distribution. The model is the one that led to awards such as the Grammy Awards so they must be lauded as having had an effect on the global music industry. This fun online management game gives you the opportunity to manage such a group and se how successful they can be. If you play your cards right, you will end up having a lot of fans and your group may soon make it to the major leagues. Play the Indie Music Manager game if you do love the indie music industry to show your solidarity with them.

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