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You are the owner of a Mini Market and you are making a good killing out of the customers who happen to visit your store. You have to be careful that you do not lose any of them since they are the ones who keep your business afloat. Mini Market Tycoon gives you 100 days in which to upgrade and expand your Mini Market to the targeted level. The screen of the game shows you certain icons at the top which you have to pay attention to. Starting from the left, you will see how many days have passed by. The second icon which looks like a heart shows the popularity of your store. The third one shows how much money you have made, while the fourth one shows how much time you are taking. The fifth one shows the order or stock that is required and the sixth is used when you want to upgrade parts of the store. The seventh will sow you the status of the mini market and the eight is about the prices in the store. The first thing that you do is to stock up the mini market. A menu will appear showing you the items that are required for the mini market and you are supposed to select how many of each you want to buy. After you have made your purchase, it will be delivered to the mini market. Click on the truck so that it can be unloaded. After all the items are loaded, the truck will leave and the customers will begin coming in. Keep tabs on the number of customers who comes in; see what they buy so you know when to replenish them among many other factors. You now have to think like the manager of a supermarket and see what you can do to ensure that it is profitable within the given 100 days. If you think you have the right management skills then you should try to play this free browser game. Have Fun!

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Running a mini market can be challenging due to the need to keep an eye on the different stocks of the wide inventory. Today, computer software in the tills tells you what stocks are dwindling allowing you to order more, but in the past, this had to be done manually, and it was very taxing. If you take a walk across a mini market, you will note that there is a wide range of products. The manger has to keep an eye on the stock so that he knows when to buy more. Similarly, this will give him an idea about the fast-moving products and those which remain on the shelves for long. For anyone who wants to run a small business that will have a wide inventory, then Mini Market Tycoon is a free online management game that you should try. It will give you good insights on how you can manage the issues of such a store in real life. The Mini Market Tycoon game is light and the animations are simple, but they do have a significance in that you will know when a customer has come in a shopped. Like a good manager, you should not ignore the statistics about the performance of the store.

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