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Multishop Tycoon is an online management game that is based on a very touching story. You come from a very poor family and you have to leave your rural home and go to the city where you have to get some money so you can come and build a good home for your family. They are sad to see you go but they understand that you must. When you get to the city, you see a vacancy, but when you interview for it, you get rejected. Upon leaving, you meet with a young smartly dressed man, and as you watch, the boy steps out in front of speeding truck. You jump into action and sweep the boy away from danger at the last minute. The father who has witnessed all this happens to be a tycoon who is starting a new business. You are immediately hired as the new CEO. There are certain regions which you have to visit; basically these regions are the levels that you have to play. The regions are Town Centre, Hill, School, Beach, Market, and Ship. You start off at the hill where you can buy stands and stock up with products for sale. There are boxes which show you where you can set up shop. There are certain goals that you will have to fulfill. Ruin the stores and sell products until you attain the required target and then you can move on to the next area. You can always visit the town center where you can go to the museum and see all sorts of sights, but you cannot set up any shop there until after a while. You can only visit after you have been in the game for at least 8 minutes. Multishop Tycoon is an exciting management game and filled with great graphics and animations; a browser game that even corporate CEOs will love to play. Have Fun!

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One can never know when lady luck can smile upon you; this is a case where someone heroics gave him an opportunity to join the ranks of the high and mighty. His clear care of others made the tycoon employ him in that high position and perhaps also coached him on many management practices. The young man who was eager to work soaked up all this information like a sponge and soon he was running the company like a professional. All that he did was save the life of a young man, without even knowing that the father was a rich man. Despite the rags to riches story, this fun online management game has set certain standards in how you can build an empire. You start off from the remote areas, and finally end up being a well-heeled individual who is running a successful business. It goes without saying that you must be very sharp if you were to rise so fast in the real world, but it is great that you can indulge in the story for the few hours it will take you to complete all the levels. Multishop Tycoon is a fun online game that will challenge you as well as entertain you for quite a long while.

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