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Notorious Inc. Buy Low. Sell High. Be Evil; is a fun online game that is set in a very interesting fashion. Most management games will encourage you to be a good manager and you take a company to the top using legitimate means. However, in the Notorious Inc. game, you are supposed to be an evil manager and you will go to black markets of the world, where you buy items dirt cheap, and then return to your business and sell the items at a high price; you even have an evil sidekick who will be giving you tips on how to go about this dirty business. You must keep your notoriety high because the Board of Supreme Directors will give you more access to resources. You notoriety increase when you expand you base and protect your stronghold markets. You mud someone who goes to heaven and you take $1,000 from him to get your first batch of goods. There are various upgrades that are available as you go along; campus upgrades, telecommunication infrastructures among many more which will earn you more notoriety. When you go to the markets, you click on the products available, and then you click on the buy or sell button and make the transaction; the goods in the market are added to your inventory if you are buying and taken out when you sell. There is a warehouse where you keep the goods when you buy them. The Notorious Inc. game reads like a mobster's business text book. This is organized mafia gangs in the form of a management game. The beauty of it all is the fact that you will have so much fun acting like a gangster. The fact that the story unfolds as you go along makes the browser game quite and adventure and you will never know what you will find in the next market. Have Fun!

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You may have seen movies such as The Godfather, where one built an organization that spanned generations. You get to see what being in a Mafioso organization is all about. It is about earning respect from those above you by being as tough as nails, and loyal. You did all you could to make sure that the business proceeded. The gangs were violent and even in this management browser game there is mention of some muggings and beating. The points are termed as notoriety levels but this only serves to make the management game more exciting. When you watch some movies about gangsters who brought themselves wealth and notoriety by their bootstraps then you will take notice of the game. Think of Al Capone, who was one of the most feared gangsters of all time. He even had a special unit created just to hunt him down. This is a fun online management game that comes with a twist and it will appeal to all, whatever their social inclinations. Take some refreshments because you are going for a ride of your life, where you will make decisions that will make you rise within the ranks very fast; one day you might actually get to the helm.

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