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Shop Empire 2 is a management game which allows you to build shops like you would in a shopping mall. On the menu on the left of the game, you will see several assets that you can add to the game in order to make it interesting and also profitable. This free online management game will make you see why some features are added to a shopping mall. For example, a bench will make people sot and take note of products in the display windows. In the Shop Empire 2 game, you have to scroll down the street and see what each customer likes and this will help guide your decision on which shops to build first. If most of the customers want to go to a boutique, then you should build that one as fast as possible. Shop Empire 2 is an interesting management game even allows you to add facilities such as rest rooms so that the customers can stay longer, thereby buying more products from your shops. You will be able to see what the customers desire from the balloons that appear at the top of their heads; the statistics shown earlier will just show you which stores you should build first, and have no bearing as to which one a customer will enter first. This is a free online game that turns you into a property mogul; it also shows you how to go about placing your business, if you have found some rental space in a mall or other shopping street. Shop Empire 2 is a free browser game that will even show you whether you made the right placement decision. For example, if you place the drug store next to the salon, you will see a thumbs-down sign, immediately after you have constructed it. You may then decide to demolish it and take it to another site. As you can see, Shop Empire 2 is a browser game that is very exciting and you will get great advice from the aspects of the game. Have Fun!

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Shop Empire 2 is a free management game that reminds you of people like Donald Trump who have made their billions out of real estate. They own chains of shops and they only manage the tenants in them. Some of the hotels and shops are actually run by trump, but his main forte is building them up and renting them out, or selling them at a handsome profit. This is a free online management game that will open your eyes into the workings of the real estate business. If you want to run a real estate business, and want a chain of stores in your portfolio, then Shop Empire 2 is a browser game that you should try. It gives you an insight of the challenges that you are bound to find. You get to see how customers will react to certain stores being near each other. You get to understand how you keep foot traffic high in the areas where you own or manage property. This is a free online game that will make you think deep and hard about the business, if you were really planning to go into it, whether in the near or far future. Shop Empire 2 is also a management game that will sharpen your decision making skills.

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