Rip Rage

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Rip Rage Game Online - Play Fun Monster Truck Browser Games

You drive the Rip Rage, a monster truck, through your city, that has been devastated by a catastrophe. Roads are no longer straight and are full of obstacles. Jump over them by making a good speed, so that you can launch yourself. On your way you might meet traffic robots, that have no use any longer, now that the city has been devastated. So you can run them down, in order to earn points. You also obtain points by running down lampposts, phone booths and casks. The earlier you reach the end of the level, the higher your score will be. You can also increase your score by performing stunts. All in all this is a very addicting and cool browser game. Have Fun!

Play Rip Rage game online for free today

Do you like to watch a Monster Truck, and also to play a fun online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online Rip Rage browser game right now.

How to play the Rip Rage game online

Use the arrow keys to play this fun online game. Use Up and Down Arrow Keys to Move Forward and Backward. Use Left and Right Arrow Keys for Leaning.

Fun Monster Truck Facts for Kids

A monster truck is a vehicle that is typically styled after pickup trucks bodies, modified or purposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension. Monster trucks are used for competition and popular sports entertainment and in some cases they are featured alongside motocross races, mud bogging, tractor pulls and car eating robots. A monster truck show sometimes involves the truck crushing smaller vehicles beneath its huge tires. These trucks can run up and over most man-made barriers, so they are equipped with remote shut-off switches, called the Remote Ignition Interruptor, to help prevent an accident if the driver loses control at any time. At some events, only one monster truck is on the course at a time, while most feature two drivers racing each other on symmetrical tracks, with the losing driver eliminated in single-elimination tournament fashion.

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You rip something when you cut, tear apart, or tear away roughly or energetically. Rip could also mean to split or saw (wood) along the grain, or to pull something apart or into pieces by force. You can make (an opening) by ripping, i.e. I tore a hole in my stocking.

What is rage

Rage (often called fury or frenzy) is a feeling of intense or growing anger. It is associated with the Fight-or-flight response and often activated in response to an external cue, such as the murder of a loved one or some other kind of serious offense. The phrase, 'thrown into a fit of rage,' expresses the immediate nature of rage that occurs before deliberation. If left unchecked rage may lead to violence. Depression and anxiety lead to an increased susceptibility to rage and there are modern treatments for this emotional pattern.

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