Jetix Soccer

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Jetix Soccer Cup Game - Play Free Kids Soccer Games Online

Create your team to play and defeat other team in this freee soccer game. Have Fun!

Play Jetix Soccer online for free today

Do you like to watch soccer, and also to play a free soccer flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free online Jetix Soccer browser game right now.

How to play Jetix Soccer online

Use your arrow keys to move players on the field. When you are in offense you use N to shoot and M to pass. When you are in defense you use N to tackle and M to sprint.

What is Jetix

According to WikiPedia Jetix was a worldwide children's television programming brand. The Jetix brand was used for children's blocks and channels featuring action-related and adventure-related live-action and animated programming, most of which aired on Fox Kids. Disney started to retire the Jetix brand in 2009 and replaced it with Disney XD or Disney Channel in certain European countries. The Jetix name was chosen after the company conducted international research specifically with a number of children focus groups. Many of the children picked the name as it implied action and adventure, and the company was able to use the name internationally due to its ambiguity. Jetix Play (formerly Fox Kids Play) was a sister channel to Jetix, showing classic animated cartoons and animated television series.

The Jetix Kids Soccer Cup

According to Disney Wikia the Jetix Kids Cup was an association football tournament in which kids from 16 countries competed to "promote fair play, sportsmanship and cultural exchange". In Paris, several hundred girls and boys have gathered from 16 countries to play in the finals of the Jetix Kids Cup 2004. This was the third year Jetix Kids Cup has worked to raise awareness of UNICEF's Go Girls! Education for Every Child campaign, which is a major part of UNICEF's '25 by 2005' initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to get more girls into school in 25 priority countries by 2005. The five-point pledge outlines what it takes to ensure every child has the best possible education: the best start in life, the best schools, the best teachers, safety, protection and fairness. The broadcast of the Jetix Kids Cup 2004 will reach a total of 173 million homes in 62 countries and 15 languages worldwide.

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