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In order to actually leave the golf course as a superstar in Superstar Golf, you have to really work for it. Superstar Golf is presented in a poppy graphics, which also places the high definition gaming fun including the gold course right on the walls of your own home. Prior to the first tee, you can just decide between one of five individual characters. Each of these characters has the characteristics of power and accuracy. They differ greatly from one another in these attributes. Which character wins you over depends crucially on your playing style as well as your personal taste. Once a character has been selected, the upcoming grass pitch is first explained. The distance to the flag, the number of the course as well as the par will be shown to you along with an overview map. Then it is finally time for the big green. You can find the wind direction and wind speed on the top left, at the bottom the selection of clubs as well as the score and in the middle: You! In a 3D landscape, you look at several hundred yards of green space, which you now have to leave behind you. Choose the club with your mouse, hold down the spacebar to generate the necessary shooting power. Let go of this button to balance the shot in a final step. Lo and behold, the ball flies and hopefully lands as close to the finish flag as possible. As always, it is important that you need as few shots as possible in order to maneuver the ball into the hole. If you want to turn your avatar a little bit, you can press the left and right directional keys. For better orientation, a site map will also be displayed at the bottom edge. There you can also see where there are places that you should better avoid. Superstar Golf is a thoroughly enjoyable game for a perfect afternoon of golf in a pleasant atmosphere. Have Fun!

Play Superstar Golf game online for free today

Do you like to play a round of golf, and do you also enjoy to play a free online flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Superstar Golf game online using your favorite web browser right now.

How to play Superstar Golf game online

Use your keyboard to play this free golf game. To hit the ball, press spacebar once to start the power bar and again to stop it, then press a third time to stop the directon bar. To change the view and direction use the arrow keys.

What is the so-called par in Golf?

For each hole in golf, a so-called par is defined. The par issues a guideline, which tells you how a good golfer masters the respective course. If the player remains under par or achieves the same value, he is considered to be an outstanding player. As a basis for calculating a par, two putts are taken as the starting point on the green. In addition, a number of shots from the tee to the end is added to this value. Herein, the specified number does not depend on the difficulty, but on the length of the course.

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