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Outerspatial Flash Game Online - Play Free Alien Attack Web Game

The aliens are attacking us. In the Outerspatial game human colonies are under attack, and you need to defend your species against the aliens in this fast-paced alien attack game, creating ships and earning experience to defeat the attacking forces. How long can you survive in this free flash game? Have Fun!

How to play Outerspatial Alien Attack online

Use your mouse to interact in this flash game. Every few seconds the action will pause, giving you the chance to use your mouse to create an additional ship to help defend your reactor. The reactor itself is equipped with a powerful cannon that you can aim with the mouse at the advancing enemies. You must protect the reactor at all costs, because the game will end when it is destroyed. However, every game played will reward you with experience points, which you can use to upgrade your ships and buy new ship designs.

Play this Alien attack game online for free today

Are you interested in aliens, and do you also like to play strategy web games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Outerspatial flash game online.

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