Prince of War

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Prince of War Game Online - Play Free War Prince Flash Games

Play as Prince Vern and take command of your army of brave warriors. Fight side by side with Captain Rield and Sergeant Pitt to drive the Orcs out of your lands. Lead your army to victory against orcs, wizards, and dragons. Have Fun!

The background for the war

The Glorious Holy Kingdom of Veidar is under siege by an enemy not seen out of their own lands for over a thousand years. The Orcs, those who lave lived in the exlle of the black deserts since time immemorial, for a crime nobody remembers. They have lived in the shadow of first mountain, where it is said the gods emerged from under the earth to crate all other races... Now Orcish leginos have poured over the ancient borders, laying waste to frontier settlements and cities with cruel abandon. While the elves fall back to their forest homes and propare a desperate defense. Veldar's forces are smashed to pieces in the borderlands. Their leader is slain, and the survivors retreat towards the holy city in a shambles. King Veidar XII, too infirm to command the army, sends his young and inexperienced son to lead what many believe will be the kingdom of Veidar's last stand.

How to play Prince of War flash game online

WASD to move and 0 on numPad to attack OR arrow keys to move and Space to attack. Let your troops fight the orcs. It's what they're paid to do anyway. Should they seem inadequate at what they were conceived for help them out if things get diffcult.

Play Prince of War flash game for free online today

Do you sometimes think you should have been a prince, and do you also like to play strategy web games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Prince of War flash game.

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