Zombie Wrangler

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Zombie Wrangler Game Online - Play Free Zombie Wrangler Game

In the Zombie Wrangler game, you're the lone survivor in a now-wrecked army base, victim of a relentless zombie attack. In this free online game you will need to avenge your comrades deaths! Aim, shoot, blast and destroy the opposition, and defend what's left of the near-derelict army base before there's nothing left! Every day brings a new, more intense challenge, more zombies, and a bigger threat. Don't worry though, you can always upgrade your weapons, giving you just that little extra boom you need to get out alive!

Play Zombie Wrangler game online for free today

Do you sometimes feel like a zombie, and also to play a free online flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Zombie Wrangler game online right now.

How to play Zombie Wrangler game online

Use your mouse to aim and fire, skip through weapons with the numbers keys, and manually reload your gun with the R key.

What is a Zombie

A zombie is a human that has died for a period of time and re-animated with a reconfigured central nervous system and without a beating heart. Unfortunately, in today's world what is commonly accepted as a zombie is not necessarily a true zombie. The most common way to kill a zombie is by destroying the brain. A classical zombie undergo a biological change, such as infection, as living human. The human then die, usually from the high fever associated with infection. After death, the body metamorphosizes into a zombie and the corpse re-animates. The zombie has a basal desire to consume human flesh. In the media they often retain basic memories and behaviors from their former lives, but there is no scientific evidence to support this.

The Wrangler

A wrangler is someone employed to handle animals professionally, especially horses, but also other types of animals. Wranglers also handle the horses and other animals during the making of motion pictures. A dude-wrangler is a cowboy or guide that takes people Dudes on western-riding horseback trips. A zombie wrangler is a cowboy who know how to handle the zombies professionally. In North America, a wrangler is also one who professionally searches for and handles particular products on film and television programs, and music videos, such as custom cars, or animals, or milk. The word wrangler is derived from the Low German wrangeln meaning to dispute or to wrestle. Wrangler was first documented in 1377. Its use as a noun was first recorded in 1547. Its reference to a person in charge of horses or cattle or herder was first recorded in 1888. Beginning in 1929, it was used as a proprietary name for a brand of jeans.

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