Black Ops 3D Game

Black Ops 3D Game

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Being helicopter specialist you went on mission, that changed your life, took your life, money, family everything away, and now you are going rogue against government officials, now you are on your own and you have to find answers for your cause. Primary objectives of this free browser game are to engage and destroy all hostiles in the area. Clear all levels through entire world, defend, attack and most importantly no survivors, being black ops specialist that is your job to ensure no enemy ever entered your path.『Helicopter Black Ops 3D』 is a helicopter action game that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you into an immersive combat experience right away.All kinds of enemies, ships, cargo ships, rocket launcher equipped military, tanks, anti air shooting bunkers, to even F 16s, but have to find your way. Have fun!

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How to Play Black Ops 3D Game

WASD - Direction, t - Forward, R-Backward, SPACE- Missiles, q - Bullets, E - Heat Seeker, F - (ON/OFF)- Use Mouse For moving helicopter.

The Akita Black Eagle Helicopter

The Akita Black Eagle Helicopter is a model helicopter you can control with your Apple device. You can fly this state of art helicopter to a range of up to 30 meters using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as a remote control. Plug in the 2.4G receiver to your device, download the free controller APP and you are ready to fly. iPhone App features a 3 Channel Control that can be used to fly helicopter vertically, horizontally, forwards and backwards. The helicopter also comes with a built in gyroscope allows smooth and stable flying and a built in remote control frontal light perfect for night flying. The solid metallic outer body protects helicopter from damage in case of crash.This easily rechargeable via usb helicopter even offer 7-10 minutes of flying time on a single charge. To learn more about the amazing Black Eagle R/C Helicopter we recommend you to do some online searches.