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Mine Escape Game Online - Play Free Fun Tractor Browser Games

Mine Escape is another fun tractor game in which you can play on our website completely free. Your task is to get out of the old, abandoned mine in which you are driving with your tractor. You have to do it quickly, because at any moment the mine could collapse, already big boulders are falling. Inside the mine there is also a few bonuses such as money waiting for you. You can use this money to improve your tractor. Also make sure to collect the fuel icons, because if you run out of it the Mine Escape browser game is over. Do you have the skills to escape from the collapsing mine with your tractor, before it is to late? Have Fun!

Play Mine Escape browser game for free online today

Do you think it would be fun to drive a tractor, maybe plow a field, and do you also like to play free browser games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Mine Escape game online right now.

How to play Mine Escape game online

You will need a keyboard because you use the arrow keys to drive your tractor. Control is standard and so you shouldn't have problems with it. When it comes to the options available in the game Mine Escape to see them at the top of the screen.

Mine Escape is a free online game for all ages

If you enjoy to play our tractor browser games, then you will fall in love with Mine Escape. This fun tractor game is really fantastic and worthy of attention. It's a really great tractor game, ideal for small and large players. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy Mine Escape. The graphic elements are nice and soft on your eyes, and designer really brought some attention to the details. Younger audience will enjoy the simplicity of the fun browser game, while the older audience will enjoy the details in the graphic elements and the realistic movements of the boulders.

Why you should never enter an abandon Mine

According to Michigan Technological University you should never enter an abandon mine. Abandoned Mines, Quarries and Cave-ins have claimed the lives of many adults and children over the years. Some fatalities have occurred in Michigan. There were several mining areas in Michigan. Some of the mines were opened in the 1840s and were closed and abandoned over 100 years ago. Any old mine can be a death trap. Trespassers not only violate the law but they risk their lives and the lives of others. Fences and "No Trespassing" signs may not stop children from venturing into a mine or mining area. Fences or signs may be obscured or hidden by trees and bushes, or covered by deep snow, or the fences or warning signs may not have been maintained. Do not cross fences. Be suspicious of any location where old rotten fence posts and rusty barbed wire is found.

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