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Even-though you didn't grow up on a farm or ranch, you probably know what a tractor is, and you might also think have someone made any cool online games about tractors? The answer is yes, there are many, and you should be able to find some of the best online tractor games right here at our website. Plow the virtual field, bulldoze away the rubbish and repair vehicles on the farm in one of our many free online tractor games. If you like to play on the farms, then you will love our wide selection of tractor browser games. You can run a standard farm machine, a racing tractor or a junk crushing monster truck! Our online browser game collection gives you plenty of thrilling driving action and get behind the wheel of the powerful farm equipment. In our virtual world you can own your own farm, work on your own land and take exciting challenges. Take up the fight against tough opponents all over the world and try to become the best agricultural pro. All the free browser games in our online collection is easy to use and fun for players of all ages. You sometimes use the keyboard to control the vehicle and handle acceleration, braking and steering with only a few keys. In other situations you might have to use the mouse to play the game. With such a gentle learning curve as we offer, you will be able to jump right into the online game within minutes.

The Best Tractor Games Simulate Real Agricultural Situations

The best online tractor games are those free online games which simulate real situations from the agricultural world. There are many different kinds of situations that occur on a farm or a ranch where a tractor is useful, and because of that there are many different online browser games related to tractors. Why not try out online browser game titles such as Tractor Mania, Backhoe Trial, Zombie Tractor, Jumping Rednecks, or the Tractor Farm Racing game. We recommend you to browse our online game selection on our website, and find the tractor browser game that you like the best. Remember farmers and ranchers all over the world are working hard producing food so you don't have to be hungry, they are our everyday heroes, and you can now honor their profession by playing an online tractor game. So, why don't you sit down an enjoy a tractor browser game or two on our website.

Why the Tractor was Invented

The first engine-powered farm tractors used steam and were introduced in 1868. These engines were built as small road locomotives and were operated by one man if the engine weighed less than 5 tons. They were used for general road haulage and in particular by the timber trade. The most popular steam tractor was the Garrett 4CD. John Froelich, a custom thresherman from Iowa,decided to try gasoline power for threshing. He mounted a Van Duzen gasoline engine on a Robinson chassis and rigged his own gearing for propulsion. Froelich used the machine successfully to power a threshing machine by belt during his fifty-two day harvest season of 1892 in South Dakota. The Froelich tractor, forerunner of the later Waterloo Boy tractor, is considered by many to be the first successful gasoline tractor known. Froelich's machine fathered a long line of stationary gasoline engines and, eventually, the famous John Deere two cylinder tractor. So, what if the tractor had never been invented? There wouldn't have been enough food to go around. Also, Indeed, the economists think the tractor was more important in boosting growth than the railroad. agricultural mechanization as embodied in the tractor and related equipment made a significant contribution to the growth of any nations economy. Indeed, a lot of economists think the tractor was more important in boosting growth than the railroad.

Not so Fun Facts about Tractor Accidents

According to Farm Injury Resource Center there are many fun facts about tractor accidents. Farm equipment is often not designed safely, and tractors are especially dangerous. According to the National Safety Council, tractor accidents are the leading cause of injury and death among farmers and farm workers. Tractor manufacturers do not design tractors safely. And they often fail to warn of the danger of operating them. Common tractor accidents are roll overs, run overs, collisions with other motor vehicles, and entanglement in moving parts.