Hill Climb Tractor Game

Hill Climb Tractor Game

Hill Climb Tractor Game Online - Play Free Fun Tractor Browser Games

Welcome to the Hill Climb Tractor game online. It is an opportunity to drive across a picturesque hilly landscape. Choose your tractor. Save money to upgrade its characteristics. And most importantly, complete numerous tracks and come to the next level. Even the first stage offers a lot of various routes. Each new try brings you to a different countryside. Sometimes, the views are not like we are used to. Which suggests that it is an alien world. Explore it behind the wheel. Have fun!

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How to Play Hill Climb Tractor Game

You need only two buttons to move the vehicle. Hold W to drive forward and S to go in reverse. Or click the icons on the screen. Try to find a balance here. Press for too long, and the truck will turn upside down. It means the end of the round. Moreover, there are a lot of steep hills which are hard to conquer. Control this virtual vehicle and collect coins. They are littered around on your way. You can spend it to buy a bigger petrol tank. Or improve your engine and speed. By the way, there are different models in your hangar. They are all free. However, you need to upgrade them from zero. A tip: choose one and invest only in it.

Hill Climb Tractor Game Walkthrough: