Pool Club Game

Pool Club Game

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Pool Club is a smooth solo player pool game. Join our club and let time fly while sinking some balls. You need to pocket all stripe and solid balls before the clock runs out. Each pocketed ball adds 50 points and 5 seconds. The cue ball deducts 20 points. Ability, expertise and geometry are the main things that lie between you and greatness. Have fun!

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How to Play Pool Club Game

Choose the power and direction of the ball and shoot.

Fun Facts about Pool Club Billiards

Pool club billiards is a form of billiards which involves scoring points by potting balls in holes on the playing surface of the table rather than in pockets. The game of pool club billiards developed originally from the French billiard, which due to the expensive tables in the fifteenth century was played only by the French monarchy and the very rich. Pool club billiards is played on a unique table with no side or corner pockets but with nine holes in the playing surface which are assigned various point values ranging from 10 to 200. There are eight balls in all, seven white and one red. Potting the red ball in any hole scores double points. On the playfield are normally placed three pegs or mushrooms. There are two white pegs, one in front of each of the 50 holes, with one black peg in front of the 200 hole. Players take alternate turns or 'breaks' at the table playing from where their opponent has left off. If the player fails to pot a ball then the break has ended and the second player takes his break by placing another ball on the first spot. If all balls are in play, then the nearest ball to the 'D' is removed and put on the spot. If a player fails to hit a ball, then the break ends and all points earned in that break are lost. Play time is limited.