Tractor Escape 2 Game

Tractor Escape 2 Game

Tractor Escape 2 Game Online - Play Free Fun Tractor Browser Games

Tractor Escape 2 is a point and click game. Imagine that you had been to a farm; there you lost your Tractor wheel. Here are the interesting puzzles and hidden objects to find and get escape with the Tractor. Have fun!

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How to Play Tractor Escape 2 Game

Tap the screen or use the mouse to interact.

Fun Tractor Facts for Kids

According to there are many fun tractor facts for kids. A tractor is a strong work vehicle used for farming. It usually has a seat for only the driver, and can be used to pull many different tools or trailers. The first engine-powered farm tractors used steam and were introduced in 1868. The use of tractors and other modern farm equipment has sharply reduced the need for farm workers.

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