Aeroplane Escape Game

Aeroplane Escape Game

Aeroplane Escape Game Online - Play Free Fun Airplane Browser Games

Does flying game give you a reason to smile? Are you amongst those individuals for whom flying plane has been a dream since your childhood times, but could not do it for some reason? If this is the case, you have reached to the right platform since Aeroplane Escape game has everything that a plane gamer seeks for. In this one of the best aeroplane games for kids, you will be assigned a job of controlling a plane that looks awesome in color and design. Make sure to perform your job perfectly while moving it to escape the deadly rockets. In this endless escaping game, you have to survive against the barrages of missiles. It is not going to be easy for you since your plane has entered the enemy territory and they will try to put every possible effort to destroy your plant and send you back to your place. Play with concentration and show off your escaping skills to win in this one of the best flying games for kids! How long can you survive? Have Fun!

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How to Play Aeroplane Escape Game

Use the mouse or touch to control the aeroplane. Move it to escape the deadly rockets being fired at you by the enemy. It is playable in a web browser (both desktop and mobile).

The Enemies in the Aeroplane Escape Game

Your enemies are very clever and powerful as well to smash your plane from the sky. Show your ultimate piloting skills since it is the only way to survive long in this brand new airplane game! Fly your plane in zig-zag patterns to let the missiles of your enemies smash into each other! Do your best to win this warzone in this free online survival game! Shield power-up and a special missile with a fast speed are the two common features of this game.