Air Combat Slide Game

Air Combat Slide Game

Air Combat Slide Game Online - Play Fun Airplane Browser Games

Play this slide puzzle games of the air combat. The main image looks like action packed battle image from a war that happened a long time ago, possibly World War II. Here you get to try out 3 different images and 3 game modes to play. Have fun!

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How to Play Air Combat Slide Game

Use mouse to play this html5 mobile air combat games. Slide the pieces into the correct spot.

What are a Sliding or Slide Puzzles

A slide puzzle, sliding block puzzle, or sliding tile puzzle is a tour puzzle that challenges a player to slide (frequently flat) pieces along certain routes (usually on a board) to establish a certain end-configuration. The pieces to be moved may consist of simple shapes, or they may be imprinted with colors, patterns, sections of a larger picture (like a jigsaw puzzle), numbers, or letters. Slide puzzles are essentially two-dimensional in nature, even if the sliding is facilitated by mechanically interlinked pieces (like partially encaged marbles) or three-dimensional tokens. The oldest type of slide puzzle is the fifteen puzzle, invented by Noyes Chapman in 1880, Sam Loyd is often wrongly credited with making slide puzzles popular based on his false claim that he invented the fifteen puzzle. Chapman's invention initiated a puzzle craze in the early 1880s. The fifteen puzzle has been computerized (as puzzle video games) and examples are available to play for free online from many Web pages. It is a descendant of jigsaw puzzles in that its point is to form a picture on-screen. The last square of the puzzle is then displayed automatically once the other pieces have been lined up. If you like slide puzzle, then you probably will surely enjoy to play our free Air Combat Slide Puzzle online.

Air Combat Slide Game Walkthrough: