Clash with Jets Game

Clash with Jets Game

Clash with Jets Game Online - Play Fun Airplane Hostile Skies Games

Clash with other Jets if it is necessary, but the best way is to shoot other planes. Shoot on opponent jets and destroy them before they destroy you. The challenge is to survive for as long as you can as the enemy units continue to stop you. Try to avoid getting hit by the enemy plane/fire. Collect health and coins, make maneuver with your jet and have fun in this game.

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How to Play Clash with Jets Game

Use mouse, or arrow keys to play. Avoid bullets and collect hearts.

Hostile Skies is a book about the Falklands War

David Morgan reveals what it is really like to be a jet fighter pilot in this vivid memoir from the Falklands War. In 1982, David Morgan was an RAF officer, on secondment to the Royal Navy, when the Argentine invasion took place. He flew in the first British air strike against the enemy positions around Port Stanley, the raid memorably described by BBC reporter Brian Hanrahan who "counted them all out, and counted them all back." But three out of 30 British pilots were killed during the first week. Morgan was first on the scene at Bluff Cove, where Argentine jets had bombed the landing ships Sir Tristram and Sir Galahad, with great loss of life. He and his wingman pounced on four enemy Skyhawk fighter-bombers: he shot down two, his wingman hit the third; the fourth managed to escape after jettisoning his weapons and drop tanks.