Thunder Plane Game

Thunder Plane Game

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The First World War has just begun and you have been hired as a pilot to take care of one of the most important areas of the sky. Suddenly you see that a horde of enemies has entered your area and start attacking. Thunder Plane is a fun flying game with a simple task, shoot to enemy plane to get high score. To succceed you need to fly, fight hard and survive as long as you can. Eliminate all your enemies from the sky to be a leader in the legendary aces and wear the crown of being the master of skies. We are sure you will enjoy playing this action-packed web game.

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How to Play Thunder Plane Game

Touch Display : Touch the buttons. Keyboard : Arrow keys to move and Space bar to shoot. Game pad : D pad and shoulder keys.

Fun Thunder Facts for Kids

Watching and listening to a thunderstorm can be exciting, but you wouldn't want to be out in it. All thunderstorms make lightning and lightning is dangerous. There are many fun thunder facts for kids to learn. If you can hear thunder, lightning is nearby. When lightning strikes it makes a hole in the air called a channel. After the lightning is gone, the hole collapses. The sound you hear when the hole collapses is thunder. You can hear thunder up to 15 miles away. You can see lightning up to 100 miles away. When you hear thunder, start counting until you see lightning. Now divide the number of seconds between the thunder and lightning by 5. That's how many miles away the storm is. Say, for example, you counted 10 seconds between the thunder and lightning. 10 divided by 5 equals 2. The storm is two miles away.