World War 2 Air Battle Game

World War 2 Air Battle Game

World War 2 Air Battle Game Online - Play Free Fun Airplane Browser Games

You are a fighter pilot during World War 2 and must take on hordes of enemy airplanes. Try to shoot them all down and at the same time avoid being hit. How long can you survive the rein of bullets. Try to get as high score as possible and then try to beat your personal best. Have fun!

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How to Play World War 2 Air Battle Game

Touch on mobile device or mouse on PC.

What was the largest air battle in World War II?

The Dieppe Raid is considered to be the largest single day of air combat in World War Two, this battle took place between Allied Forces and Germany in 1942. During the Second World War, on 19 August 1942, the Allies launched a major raid on the French coastal port of Dieppe. More than 6,000 troops (most of whom where Canadian) attacked the coastal town. The purpose was to make a successful raid on German-occupied Europe over water, and then to hold Dieppe briefly. The results were disastrous. 12 hours later more than 60 percent of the Allied force had been killed, wounded or capture by the Nazis. The Dieppe Raid, when viewed in terms of casualties suffered and its failure to achieve tactical success, was a severe defeat for the Allies.