Banana Jungle Game

Banana Jungle Game

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Play as a gorilla in a beautiful jungle. Collect bananas and avoid obstacles such as thorny mushrooms boulders and tree logs. The Banana Jungle game features simple one-touch game-play. Pick up your device and start playing. Enjoy increasingly difficult challenges and every round is different. How far can you go? Have fun!

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How to Play Banana Jungle Game

Click or tap to jump. Click or tap twice for double jump.

Gorilla in Zoo vs. Wild Gorillas have different diets

According to gorillas that are kept in a zoo have a much different diet than those that live in the world. Zoos only offer a controlled environment for the gorillas and therefore do not give the animal the freedom to feed as they naturally would. Gorillas in the zoo are often fed bananas, raisins, celery, bread, lettuce, oranges, apples and monkey chow, which is along the same line as kibble for dogs. Monkeys that are in the wild have the opportunity to feed on a variety of foods, depending a lot on where they live. Species that have the privilege of dwelling in a tropical rainforest have access to thousands of different plant species and fruit bearing trees that a monkey kept in captivity does not. These animals adore the rainforest due to the high amount of precipitation they receive. More rain always equals more food.

Reasons why you should Eat and Love Bananers

According to there is at least eight reasons why you should love and eat bananers. Bananas, like any other fruits have health benefits that our body needs. The potassium in bananas reduces the chance of having muscle cramps. Bananas contain a healthy amount of iron. Heartburn can be calmed by the natural antacids found in bananers. They are known to be natural protection against kidney disease and brittle bones. Bananas are also high in Vitamin B which promotes the production of white blood cells that help our body protect itself against diseases.